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BEAST Warehouse high performance training facility

High performance Training Facility

Beast Athletics is extremely excited to announce the opening of a new multi-purpose training facility in Toronto. 
Beast Warehouse, set to open in the spring of 2023, offers a specifically designed space for players to grow as athletes.
“We could not be more excited to provide our Beast Family with the next level of development,” Beast owner Reid Acton said. “We envision Beast Warehouse being a place for kids to learn new skills, get stronger, and develop more confidence. We believe this next step will continue to develop and inspire the next generation of athletes.”
Beast Athletics provides an accessible and competitive environment for players to grow as multi-sport athletes. We are excited to work with teams within the community to help further develop the up-and-coming talent. 
Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more updates in the coming weeks for updates on Beast Warehouse, our staff, and what to expect for the rest of the year.


Available Training Sessions

BEAST Summer High Performance Hockey Training 1565 1586 BEAST ATHLETICS

BEAST Summer High Performance Hockey Training

BEAST High Performance Hockey Training program combines athletic and strength development, synthetic ice shooting and ON-ICE development.

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Adult workout classes at Beast Warehouse in Scarborough
BEAST Adult Training Sessions 540 540 BEAST ATHLETICS

BEAST Adult Training Sessions

Designed to challenge your strength, stamina, and mental toughness, our Adult Workout sessions are a well-rounded fitness class.

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BEAST Spring Off-Ice Hockey Workouts 800 800 BEAST ATHLETICS

BEAST Spring Off-Ice Hockey Workouts

Our BEAST Spring Off-Ice Hockey Workouts provide players an opportunity to refine athleticism, build strength and gain a competitive edge.

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Skate Sharpening at BEAST Warehouse
Skate Sharpening at BEAST Warehouse 540 540 BEAST ATHLETICS

Skate Sharpening at BEAST Warehouse

Skate sharpening in Scarborough is now available at the BEAST Warehouse through East End Edge Skate Sharpening!

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Athletic Leadership Project from Beast Athletics
Athletic Leadership Project 800 800 BEAST ATHLETICS

Athletic Leadership Project

FALL SESSIONS START SEPTEMBER 18th! Our BEAST Athletic Leadership Project combination of physical fitness and mental leadership training into weekly two-hour sessions.

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After School Hockey Shooting Lab 500 477 BEAST ATHLETICS

After School Hockey Shooting Lab

After School Hockey Shooting Sessions! Improve your hockey shot and stickhandling on our large indoor shooting pad at the BEAST Warehouse!

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