2 x 21 minute, run-time periods. Games can end in a tie. No overtime until the playoffs. Playoff games that are tied after regulation will go to a shootout with no chasers. 3 players shoot per team. If no winner is decided, each team gets one penalty shot each until a winner is declared. Players can only take one penalty shot. Higher seeded team shoots last.

Warm Ups

Three-minute warm-up

Line Changes/End Changes

No switching ends, goalies will remain in the same net for the duration of the game. Player changes will be at the buzzer, every 90 seconds. When the buzzer sounds, all players must stop play and leave the ice. The players coming on the ice can not touch the puck until all four players have changed. Goalies can play the puck in their own zone during this time but CAN NOT cover it. Doing so will result in a penalty shot.


Goalies are not assigned to a specific team and will be provided their schedule each week. Goalies will be used to help balance teams as the season progresses, meaning stronger goalies will be assigned to the weaker teams to provide a better competitive balance. At the convener’s discretion, goalies may switch teams after periods if one team is ahead by 4 or more goals.

Body Checking

There is no body checking allowed at any age group.


Minor Penalty = 1 Penalty Shot
Double Minor = 2 Penalty Shots
Major Penalty = Ejection + 2 Penalty Shots
Game Misconduct = Ejection + 2 Penalty Shots + 1 game suspension
Coincidental Penalties = 1 Penalty Shot for each team

Penalty Shot Process

Shooter starts at centre face-off dot with all other players are behind defensive blue line.

When the shooter crosses the offensive blue line, other players can chase the shooter. If no goal is scored, the play is live.

If a Double Minor, the 1st shot has NO chasers, and only the second shot is live.

Coincidental Penalties will result in each team receiving a penalty shot with no chasers.

Penalty Shot Shooters

Person who drew the penalty must take the shots, there are no substitutions allowed unless the player is injured and is forced to leave the game.

Maximum Penalties

3 Minor Penalties or 2 Double Minor Penalties will result in ejection


Faceoffs only to start each period. There will be no faceoffs at any other time.

What happens after a team scores a goal?

In the event of a goal scored, the team that scored must return to behind the red line before being able to attack the other team. Once all four players have crossed the red line, they can engage the team that was scored upon

Frozen Puck/Puck Out of Play

Should the goaltender cover the puck the referee will blow the whistle. The goalie will play the puck to a teammate and the opposing team can re-engage the attack as soon as ALL four players have cleared the blue line. Goalies must put the puck back into play immediately. Once all four players have cleared the zone, the offensive team can re-engage.

If the puck goes out of play, the team that did not cause the puck to leave the ice surface will get the puck in their own zone.

Playoff Positions

Teams will be ranked by points. If teams have the same points, head-to-head records decide the better seeding. If there is a multi-team tie or the teams spilt their season series, we will divide the goals scored by the goals scored against to determine a winner.